Credit: Transmediale reSource conference

Areas of research & teaching: theatre & performance studies in a global frame (including non-Western and indigenous practices); feminist theory and practice; digital media; decolonial epistemologies; performance methods and practices (theatre directing, devised and multimedia performance); performance philosophy; communication and rhetoric; environmental humanities; cultural studies.
Artistic practice: Theatre directing; multimedia and devised performance; sound and installation art; cross-genre writing; digital storytelling; dramaturgy.

I am a researcher, cross-genre writer, and artist hailing from Romania. Drawing on my training in theatre and performance studies, philosophy, and new media, my research explores cultural, political, and philosophical aspects of performance (broadly construed) and media in global contexts through a transnational and feminist lens, with a particular focus on the politics of memory and history, practices of world-making, diasporic experience, ecology and environmental activism, mechanisms of knowledge production in the age of big data, and communication in mediated contexts. 

My artistic practice spans theatre directing, cross-genre writing, multimedia and devised performance, sound and installation art, and dramaturgy. I use a variety of media and methods in my work (performance, sound, video, digital storytelling) in an attempt to find compelling ways to tell & share stories about our complex and complicated times and about histories erased or forgotten in the wake of modernity and colonialism. I have directed several of my plays and devised performances both in more conventional and in non-traditional theatre spaces in Romania, Finland, Germany, and in the United States at the Watermill Center (NY), Megapolis Sound Art Festival in Baltimore, the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts and 95 Empire Theatre in Providence (RI). I have often collaborated with visual and sound artists to create performances in installation environments (Desiring Simone, The Deaths of Pan, Cabinet of Cynics 2: The Future, Recovering Data Remains: (Re)Working Knowledge). Several of my cross-genre performance texts are collected in my forthcoming book (NY: O Balthazar Press, Fall/Winter 2017-2018), Cosmology of Worlds Apart, which moves between abstraction and sociality to explore and enact aspects of diasporic experience.

I have presented my research in invited talks (Humboldt University in Berlin; University of New South Wales in Sydney, East China Normal University in Shanghai, and others), conferences (ASTR, PSi, MATC, and others), and in journals (TDR: The Drama ReviewParallaxPerformance Philosophy, Liminalities, and others) and edited volumes (Adorno and PerformanceThis and That: Essays on Live Art and Performance Studies). I have completed my PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University, and am working on a book project titled “Out of Concern: Performance Modes of Engaging with the World.”


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