Credit: Transmediale reSource conference

Researcher, writer, and artist working across the fields of performance, media studies, and philosophy.

Current research: My current research follows several intersecting threads: mechanisms of knowledge and value production in the age of “Big Data” and “post-truth”; global capitalism’s (dis)simulation machines; more just and sustainable alternatives to toxic capitalist models and mindsets as well as aesthetic practices that can help us imagine and enact such alternatives. I am a member of the Beyond Verification international team linked to the Digital Democracies Institute at Simon Fraser University.

Artistic practice: Theatre directing; multimedia performance; installation art; playwriting.

Education: PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies; MA in Philosophy; BA in Theatre Arts & Performance Studies and in Modern Culture & Media (magna cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa), Brown University.  

Teaching: Assistant Professor, Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies & Business of Creative Enterprises, Emerson College.

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