Credit: Transmediale reSource conference

Curriculum Vitae

I am a researcher, cross-genre writer, and performance-maker working at the intersection of theatre and performance studies, philosophy, and new media. My research explores cultural, political, and philosophical aspects of performance (broadly construed) in global contexts through a transnational and feminist lens, with a particular focus on questions of experience and perception, the politics of memory and history, world-making, environmental issues, practices of place-making, and the performance of everyday life in mediated contexts. 

I have presented my research in invited talks (Humboldt University in Berlin; University of New South Wales in Sydney, East China Normal University in Shanghai, and others), conferences (ASTR, PSi, MATC, and others), and in journals (TDR: The Drama ReviewParallaxPerformance Philosophy, Liminalities, and others) and edited volumes (Adorno and PerformanceThis and That: Essays on Live Art and Performance Studies). 

My performance practice spans theatre directing, playwriting, devised performance, installation, sound art, and dramaturgy. I am interested in expanding the possibilities of theatre as a medium for complex storytelling through experiments with technology and choreographed movement and through collaborations with artists from different backgrounds. 

I am currently finishing a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University, working on a book project titled “Out of Concern: Performance Modes of Engaging with the World.”

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