A Thousand Voices

An environmental sound installation with multiple performance events.

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Photo credits: Gabriel Doss

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Artistic Director: Ioana B. Jucan
Installation, Tech, Sound Design: Ryan D. Lester
Producer: Listening LabOratory
Stage Manager/Communications Coordinator: Quyen Ngo
Performers: Bochay Drum, Quyen Ngo, Ioana Jucan
Lighting Designer: Ria T. DiLullo
Stage Manager/Board Operator: Beini Zhou
Publicity: Aaron Wee
Technical Assistants: Bochay Drum, Beini Zhou, Ned Myerberg, Timothy Nassau, Benjamin Nicholson, Wyatt Sanders, Matthew Weiss

Performed at: the 2010 Megapolis Audio Festival (Baltimore, MD), the 2010 Arts in the One World conference (Brown University), Production Workshop (Brown University, 2010)


“How are you?”

What would the world sound like if every time this question were asked, it was answered truthfully?

A Thousand Voices started with the desire to use sound art and technology in order to give people in the Brown and Providence community and beyond the opportunity to share their hopes, dreams, anxieties, and aspirations at that particular moment in time. Over the course of three months, the members of the Listening LabOratory traveled into these communities and recorded answers to the question, “How are you, really, truthfully?” Using the guiding metaphors of “home” and “borders,” the Listening Lab then integrated the collected voices into a narrative, using approximately 500 piezoelectric disks as speakers and 16 poles to transform spaces. 


Listen here to interview with the Listening LabOratory’s members at Megapolis


An article was published on A Thousand Voices in the Brown Daily Harald.


The Listening LabOratory would like to thank all those who supported and participated in A Thousand Voices. Special thanks to Brown University’s Creative Arts Council and Brown University’s Theater Arts and Performance Studies Department.