Cabinet of Cynics 1: Endure


Photo credit: Rebecca Henriksen

A devised performance in an installation environment

Directed by: Ioana Jucan

Concept design: Ioana Jucan

Art installation & video: Rebecca Henriksen

Featuring: Ioana Jucan, Rebecca Henriksen; (on screen) Casey Robbins, Arianna Geneson

Performed at: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts (Providence, RI); University of the Arts Helsinki/Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland (as part of the International Festival and Conference of Live Art and Performance Studies LAPSody); Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania)

Performance dates: March & May & June 2013

Enduring Performance: Performer’s Notes on Cabinet of Cynics 1.” Published in This and That: Essays on Live Art and Performance Studies. Ed. Annette Arlander. Helsinki: University of the Arts, 2014.

This performance was developed with the aid of a grant from the Brown University Creative Arts Council.

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