Desiring Simone

Photo credit: Flordelino Lagundino


Conceived, directed, designed, and performed by: Philomena Bradford, Ioana Jucan, Dan Ruppel, Timothy Simonds, Julieta Cardenas

Performed at: 95 Empire Theatre (Providence, RI); Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania)

Performance Dates: May & June 2014

This devised performance investigates the nature of endurance.  How, through and in extraordinary moments of suffering and disaster, do the human and her environment transform themselves and each other to sustain their play across the field of “life”? Centered on the fervor of philosopher and mystic Simone Weil, the piece explores both the struggle to reanimate her legacy of endurance and the (im)possibility of enduring such reanimation ourselves.

Desiring Simone was created through a collaboration between performance artists, theatre artists, and visual artists exploring the possibilities and limitations of live performance at the intersection with philosophy.

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