The Brilliance of This Moment

A performance video and text

Featured in Sleeping Weazel’s Cyber Art Gallery along with an interview (Fall 2015)

Production Year: 2013

The Brilliance of This Moment

Never Leaves[1]

An amateur camerawoman plays with the camera and with her presence.

A new house is being remodeled next door –

Tiles on the roof are replaced and also the boards on the outside of walls

To give builders an occasion to be there at this time

At any time

As alibi

So that the world will think that they’re there

The sound they make

Never leaves

Never rests

Never stops

It’s never staying

It’s there for the arrival and the receipt of building materials

So that there can be arrival and receipt

It’s all over again

A builder


Undergoing lack of repose,

Keeping watch –

Never leaves at any time

To be at home everywhere

Means to be at once and at all times there and have an alibi

Never leaves

At any time

The same, the same:

Rebuilding one’s home.


Rhythm is discovered,

In my body

So that I can now fall into the leaves

At this moment, here, my life, still…

[1] Indebted to Alain Robbe-Grillet, among others, and of course also to Martin Heidegger.