Cabinet of Cynics 2: The Future

Photo credit: Meia Geddes

A theatre play in an installation

Written and directed by: Ioana Jucan

Concept design: Ioana Jucan

Performed by: Stefanie Miller, Ioana Jucan

Installation by: Jason Rabie & Yangyang Xu, with contributions by Rebecca Henriksen, Jane Long, Vivian Charlesworth, Faith Wilding

Performed at: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts (Providence, RI)

Performance Date: October 2013

This is a play about the future. It’s a playing with/in time in search for ways to think about the future without annihilating it – while living in the moment between a screen and a stage where a world comes into being. It starts and ends with Diogenes the Cynic, the performance artist who refuted those movement-denying philosophers by stepping forth literally and moving on. This piece begins and ends with Diogenes, but it moves on. It’s about moving (on) when the business of the world seems to have come to an impasse.

Life is movement, and movement is joy, and when we get stuck, which we’re so damn good at, why don’t we just do what Diogenes did when those ancient philosophers denied the possibility of movement?

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