Travel Landscape
Photo credit: Ioana Jucan

In progress

To be performed: February 15-17 and 22-24, 2018 at the Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Black Box Theatre as part of The Audacity, an interdisciplinary performance event showcasing new works in performance art, video, electroacoustic music, and participatory musical improvisation. Produced by Sleeping Weazel.

In this collaborative performance piece,  Ioana Jucan (performance-maker and cross-genre writer hailing from Romania), Maurice Decaul (Caribbean-American poet and playwright), Amanda Andrei O’Connor (Filipina Romanian American playwright), Jing Xu (performer and visual artist hailing from China and Sweden), and Juwon Jun (interdisciplinary video artist with roots in South Korea) work with a variety of collected and imagined materials to explore the contradictions and im/possibilities of diasporic experience. Reworking textures of history built in the heart, they devise a ritual that one does in the absence of a home, when confronted with the realization that, perhaps, home is but an idealized place that does not actually exist except in one’s mind.