Resistance (Happening)

Written & directed by Ioana B. Jucan

Co-produced by: Radu Stanca National Theatre & Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Romania)

Performed by: Denisa Lupu, Fabiola Petri, Maria Soilica, Alexandra Şerban, Marius Turdeanu (video)
Choreographer: Adriana Barza
Original music by: Caroline Park
Visual art by: Denisa Lupu

Set Design: Alin Gavrila
Video Design: Radu Nechit
Tech Director: Vlad Bacalu
Light Design: Dorin Părău
Costume Design: Diana Constantinescu
Sound: Vlad Bacalu
Project Manager: Luminița Bârsan

Performed at: Granoff Center for the Creative Arts @ Brown University (September 2016), the Students’ Culture House in Sibiu (Romania; October 2016); Center for Advanced Studies in the Performing Arts/CAVAS, Sibiu (Romania; October & November 2016 & April 2017); the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (June 2017). 

As they unfold their plan of resistance to world injustice and exploitation, a programmer, a philosopher, and an ex-judge play with each other and with the audience. This three-woman story of love, anger, determination, and (dis)connection oscillates between Quixotic idealism and the reality of the world situation. Is there a chance their plan might actually succeed?

This theatre performance takes place in an installation that features video and visual art, choreographed movement, and original music.

In Romanian:


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