in the ruins of Rejmyre’s future

a lecture performance by Daniel Peltz and Ioana Jucan

Performed at the Norrköping Art Museum (Sweden) in April 2018 & at the Rejmyre Folkets Hus in July 2019.

Drawing on the long-term collaboration between Peltz and Jucan (in her role as ethnographer-in-residence for the Performing Labor project), this lecture performance activates and extends Peltz’ installations on display (Seeking an Any Thing in the ruins of Rejmyre’s Future and a refuge in Rejmyre). The lecture performance engages the real and imaginary archives of Performing Labor, aiming to access the unconscious of the project, through performance and performance philosophy methods.

Accompanied by a Workshop:

Making refuge

Visual artists, craft practitioners and art writers are invited to participate in this free 3-hour workshop facilitated by Ioana Jucan and Daniel Peltz, in conjunction with the exhibition Performing Labour at the Norrköping Art Museum. The workshop creates a space for participants to engage critically and creatively in what Peltz refers to as ‘the practice of giving and taking refuge’. Participants are asked to bring one object or artifact from their practice that they would like to ‘give refuge to’ or ‘take refuge in’ and a short reflective/theoretical text related to the object or artifact [texts can be in any language]. The approach to “refuge” that the workshop proposes connects to the current socio-political situation and conditions of the refugee. It also moves in different directions and registers in relation to how we might think of the notion of ‘refuge’, such as the proposition that art and craft under the present socio-economic conditions are in need of refuge. The approach engaged in the workshop refuses to think refuge as an abstraction and thinks through the refusal of certain (established) ways of constituting refuge. In this way, it enacts a kind of performance philosophy of refuge making, which insists on staying with historical complications and complexity.

The workshop and performance were a cooperation with: Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international programme for Visual and Applied Artists, Rejmyre Art Lab, Verkstad Konsthall, Institutul Cultural Român de la Stockholm and the County Art Consultant Östergötland.